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Helping the industry to upgrade the Internet Tencent launched the data center intelligent operation and maintenance full stack solution

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Can you manage the data center with one click away? It seems that the clips in the sci-fi movies have been realized because of the Tencent Zhiwei platform.

On December 6, 2018 DCD Tencent Zhiwei Technology Sub-forum and the 4th Tencent Data Center Sharing Day were held in Beijing. At the meeting, Tencent Data Center launched the data center automation operation and maintenance system — — Tencent Zhiwei platform, while the data center construction of new products & mdash; & mdash; Mini T-block also released at the meeting, for the 5G era edge computing The scene created more convenient conditions and fully demonstrated Tencent’s determination to embrace the industry Internet.

Zhong Yuanhe, head of Tencent's data center, said that Tencent's data center will unreservedly export the planning, construction and operation experience of the massive data center accumulated during the rapid development of the consumer Internet; and will work with operators to create A stable, intelligent, and massive data center in the industrial Internet era.

“Decentralization”, breaking the automated operation and maintenance

The so-called data center is the physical space where information is centrally processed, stored, and exchanged. In general, it is the large computer room where servers are stored.

As the cornerstone of all Tencent's Internet business, Tencent's data center has developed over 20 years and has deployed more than 1,100 acceleration nodes in various provinces across the country. It has more than 200 acceleration nodes overseas, covering more than 30 countries and regions around the world, supporting global users. Get the services you need right now and reduce access delays. At present, the number of Tencent data center servers reaches one million, the total number of domestic first.

The rapid growth of the number of data centers and the rapid expansion of scales have accompanied many problems such as long cycle, large investment, high energy consumption, low efficiency, and high risks, which have brought great challenges to the rapid development of the data center industry.

“The development of Tencent Data Center for so many years is inseparable from the help and support of industry partners. In the face of the dilemma in the field of data center operation and maintenance automation, Tencent has the responsibility to do this disruption. & rdquo; Tencent data center product director Gao Jiang said at the meeting, Tencent is very willing to become a "digital assistant" in all walks of life, in a "decentralized" way to help the data center industry to achieve digital transformation and upgrading.


(Tiancent Data Center Product Director Gao Jiang)

“小步跑跑”, help the industry to upgrade the wisdom

Tencent Zhiwei platform is upgraded from the internal Nebula platform of the service, carrying the Tencent data center team's exploration and practice in the data center automation operation for many years.


Tencent's R&D team has been trying to break through the traditional operations and apply Tencent's 20 years of technology accumulation in the fields of network, storage, big data processing, artificial intelligence, etc. in the intelligent operation of data centers. As a innovation laboratory, Tencent's self-built data center is bold and innovative. Then from the self-construction to the construction of the data center, repeated grinding in different equipment environments and operating modes, with Tencent's characteristic "small step fast running" method, iteratively, and finally hatched today's data center intelligent operation boutique platform —— Tencent Zhiwei platform.

As a self-developed data center infrastructure management software platform, Tencent Zhiwei can help customers 360° master data center operations, and continuously improve operational efficiency and quality while reducing cost investment. According to Yue Shang, Director of R&D of Tencent Data Center, Tencent Zhiwei platform has already served 77 IDCs of Tencent, covering 12 countries and regions around the world, helping to manage more than 1 million servers. The number of measuring points exceeds 5 million. The massive internal open source components, the strong support of Tencent's experts in various fields, and the side-by-side battle of the brothers have provided a strong guarantee for the development of Tencent Zhiwei.


(Deputy Data Center R&D Director Yue Shang)

In November of this year, Tencent Zhiwei platform realized its first commercialization in Chongqing, and will gradually deploy in the Chongqing Telecom room with the telecommunications water and soil room as the starting point. The relevant person in charge of Chongqing Telecom said in an interview: “Tencent Zhiwei platform helps data center operations become more intelligent and visualized, and users can manage one-stop self-service for leased resources, managed devices and environmental parameters; The optimization of energy consumption will also increase by about 30%. Take the telecom water and soil park as an example, the annual electricity savings will be more than one million yuan. ” Helping the industry to achieve automation and promote the actual improvement of operational efficiency is the initial focus of the Tencent Data Center team to develop the Zhiwei platform.

“Before everything else”, data center construction is more agile

At the meeting, Tencent Data Center also released a new product for data center construction —— Mini T-block, which is also a new member of Tencent's fourth-generation data center T-block family. T-block is a building-type, product-oriented construction concept that completely breaks the traditional data center construction model and gets rid of the constraints and restrictions of civil construction on the data center. All construction tasks are prefabricated in the factory to the greatest extent, and the site only needs to be assembled quickly, which greatly reduces the construction time of the data center.

Compared with T-block, Mini T-block is lighter and less demanding on the site, which greatly reduces the access threshold and input cost of the data center. It is adapting to the current 5G era, the rise of edge data center, and the data center granularity. And flexibility requires ever-increasing industry demand.

Tencent’s chairman and chief executive, Ma Huateng, has repeatedly stated that Tencent will take root in the consumer Internet and embrace the industrial Internet. “We want to continue to do a smart connection with “consumer”, and we must promote the deep integration of “supply” and the Internet to help digital transformation and upgrading in all walks of life. As the cornerstone of Tencent's C to B strategy, Tencent's data center is constantly exploring, solving the data center industry problems with the Internet and product thinking, and forming a digital solution to open to the industry, helping the data center industry to prosper.

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