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Online Judicial Auction of Mobile Phone Beautiful Number: A Thousand People Watching the Up to 3.91 Million Yuan

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Original Title: Up to 3.91 million yuan, thousands of people are watching the online judicial auction of mobile phone's cymbals.

Reporter: Wen Jing

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Present situation

The starting price is one hundred and fifty thousand, more than 4000 people are watching and waiting.


Beiqing Daily reporter saw that at present, in Ali auction platform, a total of 1 group of numbers are being auctioned, 16 numbers

The auction is under way for a group of Unicom smartphones with a tail number of 5 8 and a difference of only one number, including: 156235888, 156236888, 1562378888, with an initial bid of 800,000 yuan, an increase of 10,000 yuan. Although no one has signed up yet, more than 15,000 people have been watching online. Auction details show that there are still 39 days of auction time, netizens can still sign up at any time to participate in the auction. It is reported that this group of beauties belong to Wuhan Unicom operators in Hubei Province, but the court for auction is the People's Court of Hebei District of Tianjin City.

The court stipulated that the applicant must pay a deposit of 100,000 yuan first, and must first sign up and pay a pre-sale payment equal to the full amount of the sale price of the subject matter in order to obtain the qualification for the sale participation; at least one person can sign up and bid no less than the sale price before the transaction can be concluded.

More numbers are waiting for auction. For example, the mobile number 1399289999 with a starting price of 150,000 has attracted more than 4,000 people. Fourteen people have signed up for the auction, which will start on April 25 with a margin of 8,000 yuan, an increase of 500 yuan per auction.

It is reported that the number belongs to one of the property of the executed person that shows that the people's court of the new urban area has sealed up. The court appraised it in December 2018. After appraisal, the number is worth 150,000 yuan.

And a mobile phone number with an end number of five three.

Among the numbers that are about to be sold, the lowest starting price is the number ending with 3 7s.


Eight seven serial numbers produced a maximum of 3.91 million


Beiqing Daily reporter saw that on the Ali auction platform, more than 500 mobile phone number auctions have been carried out, of which the highest price was 3.91 million yuan, and 162 bids have been made.

The number worth 3.91 million is


On April 13, 2017, the number began the auction at a starting price of 1.08 million, with a total of 11 people registered to participate in the auction, each time the increase was increased by $10,000. After 162 rounds of competition, the final auction number was

Interestingly, the name of the user who finally got the number is also


Lawyer: Mobile phone number auction safeguards the interests of creditors


Yu Chao, a lawyer at Beijing Heng's Shanghai Institute, commented that the mobile phone number had been sold at such a high price.

Lawyer Zhao Hu, partner of China News Law firm, also believes that

track down sb. to interview

Take the plane, take the equity


At an online judicial auction held by the Shenzhen Intermediate people's Court in 2017, Israel's ACE Airlines sold a bankrupt Jade Airlines cargo plane for one hundred and forty five million nine hundred and ninety nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine yuan and flew to its new home, Israel, in June 2018 after being renovated. Not long ago, Morgan Stanley recently bid 25 million yuan for a 5.495 percent stake in Morgan Stanley Huaxin, which it already owns, at an Ari judicial auction. Shenzhen jiande auctioned 450 million of Zhuhai's rich shares at auction due to bankruptcy

According to the staff of Ali Auction, traditional judicial auctions are frequently sold, and the success rate of online judicial auctions is very high, which is due to the advantages of online judicial auctions. First, the market is super-regional. Those who have access to the Internet can participate in the online auction market, and they may become buyers of judicial auction, breaking the rule that participants must be present in the traditional auction; secondly, speeding up the auction. Computer program and network technology can automatically process the information transmission in network auction, without artificial operation, and speed up the transaction.

In addition, the judicial auction conducted through the computer internet, the participants observe the auction, participate in the bidding process, auction payment, etc., do not need to face to face, but can be completed through the internet, realizing the virtualization of the auction. On the other hand, the transaction cost is low. Because of the judicial auction through the network, the cost of information acquisition, participation in bidding and service cost of auction intermediary are greatly reduced, while the actual cost of information disclosure and site fees in the process of auction are also reduced.

The above-mentioned personnel also said that the high degree of transparency of auction information is also the superiority of online judicial auction. In judicial auctions, auction exhibition and bidding process are made public to the society through the network to the maximum extent. The participants can get exactly the same information without using paper media. The problem of information asymmetry of participants in traditional auctions has been solved in online auctions.

According to reports, as early as 2012, the Supreme Court relies on Alibaba's auction platform, in Zhejiang Province pilot online judicial auction. So far, as the country's largest auction platform, 99 percent of the country's courts have entered the Ari auction for judicial auction, about 90 percent of the judicial auction on the platform. Conduct a judicial auction through the Ali auction, having

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