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Liang Hua: Huawei develops sustainable US ban on entity list

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Liang Hua, chairman of Huawei, conveyed very positively in the report: Huawei's development can continue, we will be able to survive, and we will live better and better.

In the media question and answer environment, Liang Hua and Tao Jingwen answered the top ten questions of Chinese and foreign media.

Huawei is about to announce its first half of this year. Although no specific data has been released yet, Liang Hua said that business is growing in the first half of the year and revenue is also growing.

As for the recent US policy on Huawei, Liang Hua said that Huawei should respond to these uncertainties with legal certainty. The United States put Huawei into the list of entities. Huawei is opposed because there is no factual basis and it is not beneficial to any local US company, including any party to Huawei. Liang Hua said that the United States should not relax on Huawei, but cancel the ban.

The following are some of the top ten questions recorded by Netease Technology:

1. The recent US attitude toward Huawei has been repeated. How can Huawei maintain sustainable development in an uncertain environment?

Liang Hua: We deal with these uncertainties with the certainty of the law. When we do business in more than 170 countries, we will abide by local laws and regulations. Only in this way can we achieve healthy business.

Uncertainty in the market and uncertainty in supply. In terms of supply uncertainty, we have a business continuity plan. We launched this project more than a decade ago to deal with natural disasters or wars. When the US hit us, we realized that we were experiencing huge risks. Business continuity plan.

Facing the market, Huawei has been striving to better serve customers, bring value to customers and have long-term cooperation with customers for more than 30 years. It brings great value to local consumers and the market. Therefore, we believe in customer choices. Some customers do not choose Huawei because of the law, so we can use more resources to select Huawei customers.

2. After Huawei is banned, does Huawei's business have any impact?

Liang Hua: From the perspective of specific business, there has been no substantial change. The United States put Huawei into the list of entities. We are against it because there is no factual basis and it is not beneficial to any local company in the United States, including any party to Huawei. And this behavior may also affect our ability to serve more than 170 countries around the world. Therefore, such a decision is very inappropriate.

We believe that it is not a relaxation, but a ban on the list of entities.

Of course, we also understand that US suppliers require the United States to deregulate and thank US suppliers for their understanding and support of Huawei.

It should be said that Huawei's current business operations are all normal. It is just the end of this month that the semi-annual business report and results will be released. Although we can't disclose specific data, we can be sure that our business grew in the first half of the year and revenue increased.

3. What are the recent directions of Huawei Haisi? How long does it take for Hess to meet the support for fixed networks and wireless networks? Huawei mayMobile phone,TVAre there such disruptive changes in the industry?

Liang Hua: Haisi has contributed to Huawei's business. Haisi can supply the main products in key components. Huawei still adheres to global industry chain cooperation, including US suppliers. If US license is obtained, we will still use it on products.

But our hope is certain, because uncertainty will make Huawei unmanageable.

Huawei is still focusing on the ICT field. Huawei's development is focused on connectivity and hopes to be the world leader in connectivity.

4. Huawei is willing to sign a non-espionage agreement with any country. What does it mean?

Liang Hua: Huawei has been complying with legal operations in local countries for more than 30 years and has never received any requests for intelligence gathering.

Huawei has never done any intelligence gathering. Huawei has not used it in the past, and there will be no backdoor installation in the future.

Network security and privacy protection are important challenges in the digital society. This is an industry-wide society. It is hoped that governments, regulators, third-party organizations, and operators will set clear standards to achieve network security and privacy protection.

5. Does Huawei have specific plans and arrangements for entering the TV field?

Liang Hua: From the consumer business, to provide consumers with a full scene of intelligent life. We don't do traditional TV, but provide products in a full-scenario life to provide convenience for consumers.

6. In what areas will Ren General say that he wants to recruit talented talents? Is there a corresponding compensation plan? Commercial space has a huge push for the IoT field. Does Huawei have a similar plan?

Liang Hua: Let's solve the problem of survival first. Before Huawei was seeking development, it is now seeking survival. We have to solve some key problems in our survival. Huawei is a world leader in connectivity and intelligent computing and cloud. In the process of advancement, many scientists, experts and technicians are needed to solve future development path and technical problems, as well as some cutting-edge problems. These experts need to play a role in these areas.

We will build the ground network first, the 5G network will enhance the mobile broadband service, and the 2B IoT connection. It is very important to build this network. This piece of space has not yet been covered. Ground-to-air satellite connection technology Our team has research, but there is not much practical input.

7. Huawei's business continuity, some media pointed out that the Hongmeng system will be released on August 9. It has a wider scope, such as the Internet of Things. How does it help Huawei's business?

Liang Hua: Hongmeng system was originally a system developed for the Internet of Things. We still use the Android open system as our first choice. If the United States does not supply us, will the Hongmeng system be placed on the mobile phone, and no final decision has been made.

8. Is Huawei raising a $1.5 billion bank loan? In which areas?

Liang Hua: This is the financing we have done in the normal course of business. Every year, we do some financing activities based on business development, which is normal.

9. Huawei has a committee on privacy compliance. Previously, Huawei emphasized compliance with local laws and regulations. How to treat privacy?

Liang Hua: Privacy protection, each country has different requirements and demands. Therefore, Huawei operates in each country and needs to comply with local laws and regulations. For example, in the European GDPR digital protection regulations, this regulation clearly defines the rules and standards.

10.13 billion yuan invested in the employee protection plan, where is it spent?

Tao Jingwen: Training. Because this industry is not a question of whether to develop or not, but how fast it runs. We have many development plans to achieve knowledge and skill transfer. In addition, it is the aspect of life and health protection; and the improvement of the living and working environment.

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