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2016 days cat double 11 full record: all-day trading volume break 120.7 billion Ma answered the question

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No matter how much you buy on a non-day cat platform, whether you're proud to say I'm not spending a penny, whether you understand it or not. In short, the miracle was born again, the day trading volume of 120.7 billion yuan, in the face of this huge number, no matter how many of its questions seem pale and weak. Some people say that although the number of miracles again and again, but people's enthusiasm has subsided, but this is a more terrible phenomenon, because in eight consecutive years after the 11, has become part of daily life, whether you participate or not, it There. We need to record, 120.7 billion miracle in the day in the end is how to do it.

Note: All data are the official announcement of Alibaba, this article will always correct the data and additional content.

As of November 11, 2016, the transaction volume of Lynx Double 11 Shopping Carnival was 120.7 billion 48,590,9125 yuan (US $ 17.7 billion 87.27 million US dollars), of which wireless transactions accounted for 82%.

First, the key nodes and key figures

  • 0:00:52 turnover exceeded 1 billion yuan (last year took 1 minute and 12 seconds);
  • 0:03:47 turnover exceeded 5 billion yuan (last year took 5 minutes and 45 seconds);
  • 0:06:58 turnover exceeded 10 billion yuan (last year took 12 minutes and 28 seconds);
  • 0:14:16 trading volume exceeded 19.1 billion yuan, more than double the 2012 11 days of the total transaction volume (last year took 30 minutes 49 seconds);
  • 1:00:57 trading volume exceeded 36.2 billion yuan, more than 2013 double the total turnover of 11 days (last year took 4 hours 26 minutes and 31 seconds);
  • 2:30:20 turnover exceeded 50 billion yuan (last year took 9 hours 52 minutes 22 seconds);
  • 6:54:52 turnover exceeded 57.1 billion yuan, more than 2014 double the total turnover of 11 days;
  • 7:20:33 Wireless terminal transaction volume exceeded 50 billion yuan;
  • 10:25:19 wireless end of the transaction volume exceeded 62.6 billion yuan, more than double the total number of wireless transactions in 2011 11 days;
  • 12:29:26 turnover exceeded 82.4 billion yuan, more than 2015 average daily retail sales of social consumer goods;
  • 15:19:13 turnover exceeded 912 billion yuan, more than double the total turnover in 2015 11 days;
  • 18:55:36 turnover exceeded 100 billion yuan;
  • 22:12:03 turnover reached 111.1 billion yuan;
  • 24:00:00 The total transaction volume reached 120.7 billion yuan.

Alibaba previously reported earnings, Alibaba 2016 fiscal year retail platform merchandise turnover (GMV) exceeded 3 trillion yuan, reaching 3.092 trillion yuan, an increase of 27%, has become the world's largest mobile economic entity - Which is close to 10 billion daily. Analysts pointed out that, according to the current growth forecast, the new fiscal year, Alibaba GMV is expected to impact "the world's top 20 economies."

Double eleven is no longer a sales figures, hoping to promote the whole of China through the double eleven advances in various industries, to bring you happiness.

Ma told reporters at the media center in Shenzhen Media Center that the "Double 11" can see the huge potential of the entire Chinese consumer market, in today's infrastructure, Alibaba can be made This way, I feel very satisfied. After eight years of development, I have seen that the "three carriages" of China's new economy, proposed last year: consumption, service industry and high technology, have greatly complemented the original troika of exports, investment and consumption. And propulsion.

"Despite a lot of technical reserves, the peak payment in the morning reached 120,000 transactions per second, but still encountered a bottleneck," Ma said, adding that it is the most important goal of Alibaba to transform and upgrade its businesses through double- Which has brought a bad shopping experience to many consumers, which requires us to continue our efforts. "

Ma revealed that Taobao, Lynx, all employees will add up to 10,000, but Alibaba Group has nearly 50,000 employees, nearly 40,000 employees to do things with Taobao, Lynx does not matter, Alibaba to all Of resources in the next two decades of globalization, the next two decades, developing countries, especially in rural areas should be how to change the poor.

Ma said, "We have positioned the company as a builder, participant and operator of an economy." The economy is not part of our Alibaba, as Alibaba does not belong to them. The construction of this company is only fortunate to participate in the construction of an innovative economy.

Ma responded to a lot of questions from outside, he said, "how many people like double 11, there are many people hate double 11", double 11 according to the established goal of 100 years. For foreign media pairs of 11 data queries, Ma said that this is the Chinese and Western cultural communication caused by misunderstanding, early years of domestic also very doubt Microsoft really can sell so much software? Turning to the most sensitive fake problem, he said, in fact, Taobao, Lynx fake much lower than the national traditional retail industry, unfortunately, turn off some fake companies on the network and found a large number of factories are still in production . Counterfeiting is a comprehensive social management, called on the relevant departments to combat.

Second, the payment: the peak world record service has been expanded to 224 countries

12, ants gold service published data show that pairs of 11 the same day, Alipay international transaction number increased by 60% year on year, a total of 224 countries and regions, consumers Alipay to participate. 11 pairs of pay this year, Alipay's total payment of 1.05 billion pen.

Data show that a total of 224 countries and regions, consumers in the Russian war of the most vigorous shopping spree, accounting for 48% of the total number of transactions; followed by Spain, accounting for 8%, Ukraine, Israel and France, the 5.5 %, 4.8%, 3.9% share of the 3-5 points.

At present, Alipay can serve the world's more than 220 countries and regions, users, and supports 18 currency settlement. Overseas consumers can pay in the day cat, or speed through the platform through Alipay.

2016 Lynx Double 11 global carnival opening just 10 minutes, the world payment records are refreshed again. Alipay published data show that at 0:39 39 seconds, Alipay payment peak reached 120,000 pen / second, 1.4 times last year, set a record last year, the peak. Among them, accounting for 11% of the balance of treasure, the second time to participate in the flower of the 11 pairs of flowers took 20% of the proportion.

Freight insurance, cargo damage insurance, food quality insurance, clothing fade insurance, and other consumer insurance for the consumer shopping experience to provide protection. Consumer insurance generated 600 million pen throughout the day for the double 11 to provide protection of the amount of consumption reached 22.4 billion. Consumer insurance has also become China's new contribution to the global insurance industry species.

"With big data as the engine and cloud computing as the driving force, the future of new retail will promote the production is different from the current format of retail products, it is not department stores, shopping centers or chain convenience stores, supermarkets, supermarkets, but a new generation Retail products, through the transformation of the retail products.Hundreds of flowers in the future a variety of retail product innovation, will be built on the basis of restructuring of business elements. "Alibaba Group CEO Zhang Yong said.

3, courier orders once again set the world record

2016 Lynx Double 11 global carnival produced a total of 657 million logistics orders, once again set the global record.

0. 9 seconds to pay the success of 6 minutes and 51 seconds to complete the goods packaged from the warehouse issue, 13 minutes and 19 seconds to sign success. Mr. Huang is still working in the Lubao Town, Foshan shopping, when the rookie alliance member EMS has sounded his door, Mr. Huang became the first two days of 2016, the cat received a package of consumers. Mr. Huang bought a beautiful juicer.

5 minutes to complete the package, and then 17 minutes to the customs inspection of the library, until 28 minutes to reach the consumer home to complete the sign, less than half an hour, Ms. Wang Hangzhou people have received double 11 this year, the first cross-border single. Ms. Wang is to buy a electric toothbrush.

According to the rookie network data, dual 11 opening only 18 minutes, logistics orders quickly broken billion, compared with 43 minutes last year; as of 1 o'clock in the morning, a total of 174 million logistics orders.

* Double 11 this year, the first single global logistics

Why is this year's speed so much faster? In order to facilitate the delivery, rookie network through large data projections to help businesses in advance to sink to the consumer goods bonded warehouse, the bonded warehouse system platform for collaborative docking The customs, commodity inspection and other departments, after the order is generated according to the front information can be quickly completed the clearance links.

* Rookie logistics warehouse situation in South China

In the non-cross-border logistics, in previous years, the fastest delivery of dual 11 are large appliances (such as last year the Beijing public to buy a micro-whale TV, the year before the Guangdong residents to buy an Omar refrigerator, Transcend Editor Note) Category is limited, it can be done by rookie large data calculation to sink early. This year, double-11 rookie alliance for the first time tried to explode the sinking mode, through the rookie data analysis of product historical data, activity planning, seasonal factors, purchasing factors and other comprehensive indicators of the warehouse section of the goods sinking early to the terminal warehouse. 11th after the goods directly from the distribution of the next warehouse issued to the hands of customers, enhance aging, reduce damage, improve customer experience.

This year before the double 11, the US life of the electrical business through the alliance with the rookie cooperation, to achieve a unified national deployment of goods, and many vendors share rookie alliance distribution throughout the country a huge capacity to achieve a national supply and marketing goods, businesses without stockpile , Only need to be assured sellers can.

At the same time, because the novice on the warehouse back-end system transformation, so that shopping orders can be the first time to generate logistics orders to the warehouse, and quickly complete the distribution, and the traditional logistics system to complete this action at least half an hour or even an hour.

Fourth, the international situation: 235 countries have been involved

This year's double-11 transaction volume reached 120.7 billion yuan, a total of 235 countries and regions, consumers involved.

Global consumers in the days after the opening of the influx of international sales, only nine and a half hours, the turnover has been exceeded last year. Last year, the first dual-11 millionth of the Australian pharmacy Chemist Warehouse at 23:19 that night, as China's first cross-border platform to break billion business, which is equivalent to the general cross-border platform for one month's transaction amount; 11 Macy's, only 5 minutes turnover last year, double-11 day turnover; the United States second-largest retailer Target first double 11 to get remarkable results, not only won the global VR shopping first single, the mother Infants and other goods into a leading cat on the international catwalk.

Compared to "buy the world", "selling the world" is the double 11 this year, "Globalization 2.0" a spectacle. Like Macy's, Sucun, Germany and other brands have chosen to treasure in the days of the beta "sell global" model, eventually a total of hundreds of Hong Kong and Taiwan and overseas brands, beauty, mothers and baby, electrical and other goods sold to Hong Kong Taiwan region, and provide local currency settlement and a series of customized services.

11 this year, Ali completed from the bottom of the product, to pay the cash flow, logistics model to show the full range of front-end upgrade for overseas businesses and consumers with a full set of solutions: the first time in the Chinese mainland commodity trading dollar settlement model , So that overseas businesses through the operation of a shop, the use of an overseas Alipay account, you can also cover the global multi-regional market.

Domestic consumers most like to buy from Japan, the United States, South Korea, Australia and Germany products, like to buy foreign goods is diapers, baby milk powder, mask, skin care suits and watches. Consumers in Russia, Spain, Ukraine, Israel and France prefer to buy products from China, they like to buy Chinese mobile phones, women's, Tablet PC, automotive electronics and men's favorite.

According to Flying Pigs (Ali Travel) revealed that the Chinese people like most of the overseas tourism destination is Japan, Thailand, the United States, South Korea and Singapore.

In Japan, the most popular Japanese brands are Uniqlo, Panasonic, Sharp, Sony and Canon, the favorite to buy Japanese goods is down jacket, flat-panel TVs, diapers, shirts and digital SLR. The Japanese consumers to buy Chinese goods are women, monitoring equipment, mobile phone accessories, audio and video equipment and men. The interest gap between Chinese and Japanese consumers is quite large.

In the US-China deal, the most popular American brands are Nike, Apple, NewBalance, GAP, and SKECHERS. Favorite US goods are running shoes, casual shoes, cell phones, headphones and basketball shoes. The US consumers are most like to buy Chinese goods are real hair, fashion accessories, men, women and home decorations. The interest gap between Chinese and American consumers is also quite large.

Fifth, what domestic consumers like to buy? 94 brands to join billion club

This year, cat clothing, beauty, electrical city, mobile phones, FMCG, Lynx International and other categories have maintained strong growth. Day cat electrical city of 11 pairs of open only 2 hours, there are over 2000 brand more than last year's turnover.

On the brand and businessmen, this year is also a double 11 to meet the new retail era of the important point in time. According to incomplete statistics, the day a total of 94 brand turnover of 100 million yuan. Which UNIQLO 2 minutes and 53 seconds to break the billion, once again to create a record, as this year's double-11 category the first "billion Club" players. Apple debut 11, the first in the mobile phone sales. The world's largest luxury goods group LVMH's brand performance brisk. The first day of the war in Japan and France, Guerlain dual-11, only 12 minutes, the transaction amount has exceeded its full moon when the days settled in the days of pre-sale and "Super Brand Day" day sales; the same as the group MAKE UP FOR EVER Only 15 minutes, turnover reached double last year, 11 times the 3 times.

As of 1:30 or so, the overall Top20 and the category of the top five brands of sales are:

¥ TOP20 Ranking:

Champion: Suning Tesco official flagship store;

Runner-up: millet official flagship store;

Third: the official flagship store glory;

4 to 20: Haier official flagship store, NIKE official flagship store, UNIQLO official flagship store, three squirrels official flagship store, Meizu official flagship store, the official US flagship store, adidas official flagship store, NewBalance flagship store, Semir official flagship Store, official flagship store Gree, GXG official flagship store, the official flagship store in the cotton era, Cobos flagship store, Gap official flagship store, flagship store Pacific Bird Men, Balabara flagship store flagship store and jackjones official.

You can compare the situation in the top 20 last year:

Millet official flagship store, Huawei, Suning Tesco, Uniqlo, Meizu, Haier, sitrust, Lin Wood, music TV, Gree, Unicom Huasheng mobile phone, micro-car franchise stores, home improvement e station, Jack Jones, Nike Voss, Hisense, NewBalance, Semir and Pacific Bird.

¥ mobile phone brand sales rank: Apple, glory, millet, Meizu, Huawei;

¥ mobile phone brand sales ranking: millet, glory, Meizu, Apple, Huawei;

¥ mobile phone business sales rank: Suning Tesco, glory, millet, Meizu, Huawei;

¥ Home appliance brand sales rank: Haier, Midea, Siemens, Gree, music as TV

¥ Home appliance business sales rank: Haier, Suning Tesco, Gree, Midea, Little Swan

Small appliances brand sales rank: Midea, Philips, Cobos, nine Yang, Supor

¥ Small appliances business sales rank: Cobos, Dyson, Philips, blueair, Suning Tesco

¥ food brand sales rank: three squirrels, herbs, Maotai, good product shop, Mengniu

¥ food business sales rank: three squirrels, herbs, good products shop, one Jiu Jiu Jiu, Maotai

¥ Maternal brand sales rank: Barabara, cotton era, the British (YEEHOO), good boy, GAP

¥ maternal and child business sales rank: Barabara, cotton era. English, GAP, davebella

Beauty brand sales ranking: 100 birds antelope, L'Oreal, natural Church, a leaf, SK-II,

¥ Beauty cosmetics business sales rank: 100 bird antelope, SK-II, a leaf, Estee Lauder, natural Church

¥ a care home Qing brand sales rank: Walch, Schwarzkopf, breeze, Vader, Jie soft

¥ home care home business sales rank: Procter & Gamble, Schwarzkopf, Walch, breeze, Unilever

¥ Home Furnishings brand sales ranking: Mercury, rich Anna, lovo, Carolina, Antarctic people

¥ Home Furnishings Sales Rankings: Carolina, Mercury, Rich Anna, Bo Yang, more than love

¥ Men's brand sales rank: GXG, Semir, Pacific Bird, Jack Jones, UNIQLO

Men 's business sales rank: GXG, Semir, Pacific Bird, Jack Jones, UNIQLO

¥ Women's brand sales rank: UNIQLO, ONLY, Bosideng, Korea are clothing homes, Lok-cho

¥ Women's business sales rank: UNIQLO, ONLY, South Korea are clothing homes, Lecco, La Chappell

¥ Shoes brand sales rank: Camel, SKECHERS, Aokang, Red Dragonfly, Belle

¥ shoes business sales rank: camel, SKECHERS, UGG, Belle, O'Connell

¥ Sports outdoor brand sales rank: Nike, Adidas, NewBalance, Li Ning, Anta

Sports outdoor business sales rank: Nike, NewBalance, Adidas, Li Ning, Anta

6, mobile phone war: the basic glory and millet battle dominated by Apple to dominate the rest of the brand to accompany high-end run

From the chart point of view, Apple with its high pricing firmly secured its top brand sales, the glory of the other brands to suppress the dead, millet in the day today beyond the Meizu rose to third.

In the brand sales charts, millet to restore its honor.

These are the key time and key nodes for each brand's sales. As the final official data is missing, the phone category will be updated at any time.

6, where the purchasing power of the most terrible? Rural consumption has been can not be ignored

No doubt, the traditional economic strong province of Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu is still ranked in the top three consumer list, Shanghai, Beijing, Shandong, Sichuan, Hubei, Fujian and Henan ranked fourth to tenth, the ranking almost no change throughout the day .

Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Guangzhou became the five cities with the strongest spending power. Jiangsu, Kunshan, Zhejiang Yiwu, Jiangsu Cixi, Jiangsu Changshu and Jiangsu Jiangyin are the five counties with the strongest spending power.

But the strongest spending power of the top ten of the village, Shandong occupied the first three years in two locations:

Shandong Feicheng Taoyuan Town Tuen Tau Village

Guangdong Rongcheng to the town of Phoenix Village

Shandong Daiyue Fan Zhen Cui Jia Guanzhuang Village

Pucheng Riverside Village, Pucheng Village, Pucheng County, Fujian Province

Zhongguancun, Jingling Town, Fujian Province

Hubei New Year Lion Town Hekou Village

New Heitun Town Service Station, Heishan, Liaoning

Zhejiang Changxing Taihu Lake shadow small Shen ditch village

Baoxiangpu Town, Dao County, Hunan Province

Fujian Xianyou Bangtang town as the foreign village

Then the villagers are most like to buy what brand is it?

Large appliances: TCL, the United States, Haier, Little Swan and Hisense;

Small appliances: Supor, nine Yang, the United States, Oaks and Galanz;

Mobile: Glory, Millet, Apple, OPPO and Huawei;

Food grain and oil: Arowana, Wuliangye, Want, three squirrels, Yang;

Home Furnishings: Antarctica, Yu Zhaolin, Mercury, Yalu and Arctic velvet;

Agricultural tools: in the agricultural, Emperor benefits fertilizer, double heart, where Stuart and Le fun;

Clothing: Antarctica, Bosideng, Yu Zhaolin, Nuobao Long and Heng Yuan Xiang

Shoes: red dragonfly, Aokang, meaning Erkang, Cheng Fa, spider Wang;

Sports Outdoor: If hi, special step, Nike, Anta and the world;

Maternal and child: Junle Po, Pampers, Hobbitus, the United States in favor and Wyeth;

A care home clear: Walch, Haifei Si, Shu Lei, blue moon and mystery;

Beauty: Beauty skin, natural Church, 100 bird antelope, Po Laiya and Han beam.

Ningxia wolfberry, northeast of rice (respectively from Heilongjiang Wuchang, Liaoning Kaiyuan and Jilin Liuhe) as the second and third of the native products ranked second in the list of agricultural products, Shandong Rushan / Yanggu / Rongcheng produced by the National People's most popular sea cucumber; three.

Next is the Yunnan Wenshan / Jiangsu Kunshan / Zhejiang Yiwu production of Panax, Shaanxi Zhou / Jiashan / Shandong Qixia Apple, Jiangxi new / Zhejiang Cixi / Zhejiang Shengzhou honey, Zhejiang Wenling / Jiangsu Xuyi / Yunnan Wenshan produced Ma Guangdong, Zhongshan / Sichuan Green God / Guangdong Dongguan production of sausage, Jiangsu mature / Jiangsu Kunshan / Jiangsu Xinghua crab production were 4 to 10.

Seven, 1207 billion yuan behind the technical support

After a few months of intense preparation, this year to create a double 11 called the world's most complex transactions, payment, logistics system, behind a powerful cloud computing platform, massive data, intelligent algorithm support.

Double 11 opening of the first hour, the influx of 120 million users, creating a peak of 175,000 transactions per second pen, the peak payment of 120,000 new records per second. In 2009 the first double 11, peak trading is only 400 pen per second, the peak payment is only 200 pen per second, eight hundred years of growth.

This year's dual-day cat dual 11 personalization has penetrated into the platform of various places, including the search, recommend, guess you like, there are good goods, shops, product details, ask you, micro-Amoy significantly enhance consumer demand matching, Red envelopes, coupons will vote for you, like a "brain" of the robot. Ali has begun to this personalized technical ability to gradually open to the business.

In addition to "electronic business brain", the intelligent service robot Ali Xiaomi double 11 main service. Double 11 the same day, Ali Xiaomi bear nearly 95% of the service, the resolution rate of more than 96%, service 6.32 million, equivalent to 52,000 labor 24 hours a day.

Ali powerful artificial intelligence technology, is through the Ali cloud for the whole society to provide services. ET is the artificial intelligence program developed by Ali cloud. It has the ability of video image recognition, speech synthesis, interaction and computing. It has been applied to traffic prediction, intelligent customer service, court shorthand and weather forecasting.

8, try to get through the line again

Double 11, the online line to open up the shop more than 1 million, involving Suning, Intime, TCL, UNIQLO, Sofia, GAP, Bestseller, B & Q and other thousands of businesses at home and abroad. Among them, nearly 10 million stores fully electronic operation, through the KNN store shopkeeper shopping guide digital training, when consumers in the brand Lynx flagship store to buy, through the "door system" docking, to achieve Recent stores distribution, the fastest two hours door-to-door. At the same time through the "data bank" will be online and offline membership information integration, to achieve full-channel consumer operations.

November 6, a nearly 500 square meters of Amoy brand collection shop in Hangzhou Intime Department Store Xiasha factory shop officially unveiled, all brands with the same price. Including Yan Man, seven princess, deer and birds, day, maze and so on more than 40 Amoy brand has been settled in the shop, involving clothing, furniture, household goods and other fields.

At the same time, the world's first full-channel lynx intelligent stores in Hangzhou lakeside Intime's Casio counter pilot completed. In this all-channel intelligent store in the electronic screen, different consumers go in, will see different products. Behind this, Ali online and offline use of large data analysis, according to these consumer habits and shopping demands, instantly match the most suitable products, while helping businesses improve operational efficiency.

Consumer and business interaction, online and offline at the same time get through. Through the combination of AR + LBS technology, Lynx launched "Find Carnival Cat" global interactive game, bringing an unprecedented augmented reality interactive consumer experience. Double 11 period to Ali's huge commercial system as the basis, in more than 2,000 Starbucks stores, more than 5,000 KFC stores, more than 500 cinemas and Suning Tesco, Hangzhou Intime Department Store, Nanjing Suning Xinjiekou stores, Beijing Xidan Yue City, Shenzhen Coast City and other five line near the shop, consumers open the phone as long as Taobao and Lynx, you can "capture" a variety of big family cat, get value double 11 red envelopes and multiple rich awards.

As of November 10, "the search for carnival cats" game users total billions of dollars, involved in cat users nearly 70 million cat catcher more than 1.7 billion times. Online innovative games are played, led the line under the spending power, only Starbucks coupons issued nearly 270,000.

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