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Millet bracelet aspirations world No.1! Founder: Surprise

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In April, millet ecological chain business Huami technology CEO Huang Wang announced that millet bracelet cumulative shipments of more than 30 million, from the market research institutions IDC report has gone beyond the Fitbit, making Huami leapt to the world's largest wearable Manufacturers, while Arima 2016 income of over 1.5 billion yuan in the millet ecological chain is the first.

In the wearable industry gradually cooling, Pebble collapse, many manufacturers to stop or slow down the release of new products at the same time, but by virtue of a small bracelet (and watches), boarded the throne of the world No. 1, exactly how Do it?

Huami CEO Huang Wang recently in the high-Rong Capital (Huami B round of investment one) exchange, to do some share.

First of all, Huang Wang is very arrogant, said the pottery to become the world's first equipment to wear equipment should be an expected thing, because the team in the smart hardware industry for many years, the smart hardware to do A lot of thinking, the key is to be able to do the ultimate, the two need three conditions: rich, some people have patience.

He also according to their own experience, pointed out that the hardware products exist three errors, hope that the product omnipotent, product definition of the wall, strategic lazy, worthy of entrepreneurs to learn.


Huang Wang speak part of the excerpt as follows:

Becoming a world leader in wearable equipment should be an unexpected thing.

Our team in the smart hardware industry for many years, the hardware did a lot of thinking. For intelligent hardware, the key is that your product can do the ultimate, and to do this requires at least three conditions: money, some people, have the patience.

What is the concept of patience? To be honest, do AMAZFIT movement watch the process is very painful. This is really the most painful, most long and hardest product in the history of Komi. We used a full 18 months to polish this product.

We see a smart watch products out of a crop, 2015 giants began admission. In this case, we asked when I was out of time, I answered the sentence: we are not the first out, but we certainly not the last one out.

The key is to be in the case of your product definition, and then out of this product.

How should you define your product?

From our experience, the main hardware products there are three major errors.

Mistakes, hope that the product omnipotent.

The most typical case is in the smart watch industry. I remember when we do smart watches in 2013, the industry's general view is that the mobile phone chip used to do the watch chip, the phone into a watch, so there is a natural product definition, smart watch is tied in the hands of small Screen smartphone.

However, defining it as an omnipotent product is one of the main causes of product failure.

When we do product definition, we must think clearly, omnipotent products to bring the problem is what? The rise in costs, the rise in power consumption, the omnipotent consequences are often nothing can.

Misunderstanding of the second, product definition of the wall faction.

Go all the way you can not mean that you can not find a more accurate product definition by doing subtraction.

Do subtraction requires deep thinking, practice and determination, because you really worry that if you subtract these features, consumers will be moved.

To tell the truth, we are doing the AMAZFIT watch in the process, the beginning is to do an omnipotent watch, but after about six months later, we feel that this is a big problem, we define the product into A smart watch that highlights the movement function.

Finally, we are determined to adjust the product definition into a smart function, and even no intelligent function, but run the Andrews watch.

This process, almost every six months to do a product definition of the adjustment. It has been adjusted for 18 months, where the most difficult is the reduction, the process of choice.

Misunderstanding of the three, strategic lazy.

There is a saying that the good, "tactical hard work can not make up for the strategic lazy & rdquo ;.

We have the ability to use cost-effective super play, but if you are not good to define the product, then it really can sell it? A lot of smart watches to the last we are used for a few months, or even a few weeks, tasted a fresh

You have to answer the question is: the user to buy back, in addition to freshness, the last product to the user to solve what the persistent pain point?

Pebble death, a big reason is too late to realize that the product definition is a problem.

This case also reminds us: hardware business as far as possible from the supply chain and manufacturing center near; recruiting a solid team of technical team is very important, but copied the era of Europe and the United States, copied and copied, do not copy; build their own mining consumption The ability to demand, which is more important than anything else.

Umi is a human data company

It is only meaningful to judge from the end. Whether it is a smart bracelet or a watch, we have defined it as a human ID, ID means that you sit and live line, every move of the data are inside.

The key point is that all data collection is done in the absence of the human body. When the smart device becomes your body ID, whether it is paid, cross-device Internet interaction, health management is a very natural application scenario.

Arima's overall logic focus is not on the changes in the transformation of hardware products, simply a little larger screen or a little more hardware changes and not much significance.

How to serve the role of its data acquisition terminal, is the definition of hardware standards. As a wearable device, the smart bracelet needs to be restrained in terms of design, volume weight, function definition, etc., if it is also used as a traditional consumer electronics product thinking, trying to upgrade the configuration through the piling function, Into the dead end, hit the so-called glass top.

If the bracelet product is only a hardware, such as MP3, how much to sell, how much profit, of course, to fight revenue. But if it is used as access to user data terminal, the more concerned about how many users can always wear down, how strong sticky.

Hardware is just the way we get the user, the important thing is the value of the data behind it.

Earlier this year, we set up our own artificial intelligence laboratory, built a cloud sports health data platform, leading research and development based on the depth of the wearable chip. In April, built-in ECG ECG AMIZFIT rice dynamic health bracelet released, this piece of ECG chip for the bracelet to obtain the data to add a new dimension & mdash; ECG data.

It also provides the possibility that bracelet products extend from simple exercise, sleep records to more serious health care applications.

Based on ECG data, Kami is in two directions to try: First, based on ECG to do biometric identification, compared to fingerprints, human ECG characteristics more difficult to be copied; the second is through the depth of learning to do disease screening, Doctors do aided diagnosis.

In the case of electrocardiogram, due to the large amount of data, the doctor may not be able to catch all the problems, through the depth of learning methods, we can screen a lot of doctors ignore the point, and then to the doctor to judge.

We hope that through the close cooperation with the medical profession, with artificial intelligence technology to improve the cardiovascular health of the Chinese people.

Data mining is a matter of course, you need to do a deep digging data excavator.

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