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Lynx double 11: Human history, the largest human-computer collaboration

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Figure 1: Chief Technology Officer Alibaba Group Jian-Feng Zhang

On November 11, 2017, just past zero, the bright dome of No.1 Building in Xixi Park, Alibaba is lit up. Here is the Lynx double 11 global carnival technical operations command room, the atmosphere filled with a relaxed and happy atmosphere. This is totally different from the tense atmosphere of previous years.


Figure 2: Lynx double 11 combat command room

Development to the ninth year, Lynx double 11 is the world's largest shopping carnival, the largest online Expo, but also the most extensive global resonance. Global 140,000 star brands, 15 million kinds of goods, over 500 million consumers involved in carnival. If the 140,000 stores into a physical store, enough to build a building area of ​​6,400 square meters each floor, a total of 22,000 layers of skyscrapers, which is equivalent to a height of 10 Mount Everest. Lynx double 11 package generated, if one by one pile up, enough to exceed the distance from Earth to the moon.

Behind the double 11 global carnival is invisible "super engineering". Zero moment, as the floodgates in the Three Gorges Dam gate release in general, instantaneous influx of consumers from around the world: 2017 Lynx double 11 opening 3 minutes 1 second, the volume of transactions exceeded 10 billion yuan. Binary world new world record refresh again: the transaction to create a peak reached 325,000 per second to pay the peak reached 256,000 per second, 2.1 times last year, but Alibaba is still well protected "silky smooth Slippery experience "


On November 11, Zhang Jianfeng, chief technology officer of Alibaba Group, said in an interview that Double 11 is not only an unprecedented large-scale socialization and large-scale application of machine intelligence, but also makes this year's Double 11 the largest human being in human history Machine coordination. "It can be said that this year's dual 11 technology is not commanded by me, but the machine and people together to command. & rdquo;

After nine years of evolution, today's Double 11 has grown into a giant aircraft carrier that needs to face unprecedented challenges of scale and complexity. The technology behind this commercial miracle has also evolved into a "super engineering" that represents the pinnacle of Internet technology. In addition to trading, payment systems, there are data, customer service, search, recommendation, advertising, inventory, logistics This is a large, complex, sophisticated business collaboration system, relying on Alibaba thousands of sophomores, Can not maintain the normal operation of this system.

A large number of intelligent robots composed of "new species" Corps, came into being in this context, they are more skilled than humans to deal with complex, large system. These smart machines "New Species" have penetrated into every aspect of Lynx's Double 11 Global Carnival, from selecting products, shopping guides, customer service, designing posters, patrolling rooms to managing warehouses and starting with humans , Collaboratively complete the double 11 of the various tasks.


Figure 3: Lynx double 11 robot new species

Alibaba engineers invented the AI ​​designer "Luban", during the double 11 designed 410 million product posters. It integrates image depth learning, enhanced learning and other AI technologies. Like ordinary designers, it completes a series of designs from sketches to frames and detail elements to provide consumers with the best product display.

In the selection process of consumers, Ali machine intelligent recommendation system double 11 generated more than 56.7 billion different dedicated shelves for users, like the intelligent shopping guide, to consumers "billion people million noodles" personalized recommendation.

Robot customer service "Ali Xiaomi", in the double 11 day 95% of customer service counseling to answer consumers on the rules of the event, shopping cart, refund application and other issues, greatly improve service capabilities. Ali will also open the robot customer service capabilities to businesses, launched the "store Xiaomi" to help businesses ease the pressure of customer service consulting.

In the distribution of rookie logistics, intelligent logistics to achieve a comprehensive upgrade and large-scale applications, through the double chain of intelligent analysis of the entire logistics to improve delivery efficiency, double 11 before the start of the blast will be allocated to consumers away from The nearest warehouse. Advanced robot sub-positions, but also to allow warehouse operating efficiency beyond the limits of manual operation.

Robots also secure Double 11 data centers. Double 11, North China data center inspection by the intelligent operation and maintenance robot "Skyrays" completed, 24-hour inspection data center, hundreds of millions of data points for second-level detection and fault location, replacing the operation and maintenance personnel 30% of the previous repetitive work.

Zhang Jianfeng said that in 2017 11, the machines and people will cooperate fully in the areas of commodity selection, customer service, logistics, technical operation and maintenance. The scale, the scope and the synergy are unprecedented. Through such a huge social practice as Shuang-11, the development of machine intelligence will be greatly accelerated: on the one hand, demand scenarios will drive the evolution of machine intelligence and become smarter; on the other hand, evolving machine intelligence will be better Nurturing and empowering ecological partners. And the community as a whole, to maximize service to society.

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