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Cyber ​​bullying, addicted to live broadcast...

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Recently, Li Guoqiang, the chief procurator of the People’s Procuratorate of Fuyang City, Henan Province, combined with his own experience as the vice president of the high school rule of law in Fuyang City, said in an interview with the reporter of the Legal Daily that the procuratorial organs found that the current crimes of juveniles were violent. The phenomenon of young age, adultization, school bullying and violence have occurred from time to time, and the phenomenon of campus bullying caused by the network should be paid attention to.

Indeed, this case is another example of adolescents' online problems, which once again aroused the concern of the society on the negative impact of students' mobile Internet access. According to an interview with reporters, many schools in Zhengzhou City have explicitly forbidden students to bring mobile phones into school, but they have repeatedly been banned. This has become a major social problem. Schools and parents are very headaches and need to be solved.

Inducing negative effects

"The two days are not in a good mood, no one of you should provoke me." A student in Zhengzhou, a junior high school student, did not expect that he would send such a sentence in his classmates and would bring a disaster to himself.

After classmate B saw it, he sneered at A. The two children are like this, and you have a quarrel in the group. B felt that he couldn't get angry on the Internet. He called five students from the same school to find A, and then beat him if he didn't say anything.

Due to the crime of intentional assault, the six students, including B, who were 14 years of age or older, were finely punished by the court, but the impact of the case on both sides was enormous. When it comes to this case, the case handlers are very sad.

The high school student Lin is too dependent on the network, and when he has time, he will take out his mobile phone and log in to his favorite platform. He is fond of watching live webcasts, preferring to take money to hungry. His mother was seriously ill, and he rewarded the female anchor for all the surgery expenses that his father had borrowed.

A prosecutor named Wang also spoke of a case in which a senior high school student preparing to take an art test saw a network message on the mobile phone that could help him improve his score free of charge.videoInterview. The student was interviewed at home with a video interview, and the other person asked her to take off her clothes on the grounds of checking her body shape. Fortunately, the behavior of this student was discovered by parents in time, but the psychological trauma caused by it was difficult to heal in a short time.

"Students use mobile phones to access the Internet is in fact unstoppable. The key is to guide them to use the mobile phone correctly, realize the complexity of the network, and have more strings to consciously resist the temptation." Many interviewed prosecutors said.

Students are forbidden to bring their mobile phones into the school rules.

"Children's Internet problems are undoubtedly a difficult problem for parents and schools. Children are very easy to indulge in it, affecting learning, life and personal growth." Li, a student's parent who attended the school in Zhengzhou Ersha Boarding School, said.

In the eyes of many teachers, students should not use mobile phones. Zhengzhou Ersha Boarding School issued a “Parents’ Book on Prohibiting Mobile Phones into the Campus” for each parent. It clearly stated that the mobile phone itself has no pros and cons, but its negative impact on the campus has become increasingly significant, seriously affecting students’ learning life and affecting the normal school.educationTeaching order is mainly manifested in three aspects: First, SMS chats and delays in schooling, students use their mobile phones to send text messages and chat after going to bed, and even use mobile phones to play games and Internet, which affects normal learning and rest; Second, bad information pollution The mind, the students are curious, the ability to judge right and wrong is not enough, and it is easy to be harassed and tempted by various unhealthy information, which has an adverse impact on the physical and mental health of the students. The third is to encourage hidden dangers in the comparison, the model and function of the mobile phone are changing with each passing day. Therefore, they are compared with each other, and they are both old and tired, which contribute to the bad atmosphere. If the mobile phone is improperly stolen, it will cause loss of family property.

The school clearly stipulates that students are prohibited from using mobile phones on campus. If students are found to be in violation of the rules on campus, they will be confiscated, handed over to the school for custody and disobedience, and will be collected by the parents or returned to the students by the end of the semester.

"Only the cooperation between home and school can form a joint force to prevent mobile phones from entering the campus from the source. Schools must be strictly controlled and managed, and parents should be assisted to supervise," said one interviewed teacher Wang.

In the interview, the reporter learned that most middle schools in Zhengzhou prohibit students from bringing their mobile phones to school. Zhengzhou Foreign Language Middle School and Zhengzhou 82 Middle School have written this into the school rules.

In response to parents' concerns about poor contact with students, the school promised that parents can contact students through the class teacher's mobile phone. If there are special circumstances or unexpected events, students can also call the class teacher or the school public telephone.

Most parents understand

"I also know that children do not only use mobile phones to communicate with their parents. Internet chat and game play can't be avoided. Children are too personal and too rebellious. Parents can't do it at all, so they have to hope for school. I am in my heart. Support schools prohibit students from bringing mobile phones.” One parent said that the child secretly bought a mobile phone with the accumulated pocket money, and every time he went home, he played the mobile phone and was not willing to go out.

To his sadness, once, he criticized the child's behavior of playing mobile phones, and the child actually said that he would be light.

Most of the parents of the students interviewed said they could understand the school's practices.

"On the issue of using mobile phones, I had a serious conversation with my children, and each made a concession. Before I entered the school gate, I had to shut down and go to the school gate and then turn it on." A stone surnamed parents said that the school where the child’s school did not prohibit students from bringing mobile phones. But it is not advocated, and the child insists that taking a mobile phone can read the learning materials online while returning home.

"Children have their own ideas and don't listen to their parents completely. I can only take this compromise." Shi’s parents believe that the primary task of students is to learn. Mobile phones are not a must-have learning tool, even if they are out. After the school gate is turned on, it is inevitable to take time to read WeChat and QQ messages, and the functions of mobile games and self-timer are very attractive to children, which will inevitably consume energy and affect their studies.

Another parent told reporters that he often saw students wearing uniforms on buses and subways playing with their mobile phones. They could not help but worry: "The mobile phone can be said to be a double-edged sword. If used correctly, understand the society for children. Finding information online is helpful. If you can't use it properly, the negative impact on your child is huge. After all, most children in this age group have poor self-control ability, strong curiosity, and are easily affected and interfered by the external environment. The online world is virtual, and it is difficult for children to distinguish between good and bad, and it is easily eroded by bad information."

Unblocking and strengthening the rule of law education

Whether students are forbidden to bring mobile phones into the campus, China has not yet made provisions at the legal level, so the current practice of schools is not uniform.

The Regulations on the Promotion of Physical Health of Students in Shandong Province, which came into effect on November 1, 2018, is a step ahead. The local legislation stipulates that primary and secondary schools should strengthen the use of electronic products during the school's schooling, and guide students to scientifically regulate the use of electronic products; students are strictly prohibited to bring personal mobile phones, tablet computers and other electronic products into the classroom; students are found to bring these personal electronic products into the classroom. For the school, the parent or other guardian of the underage student should control the time when the student uses the electronic product.

Chen Tianpeng, a lawyer at Henan Zhengang Law Firm, believes that “responding to the general phenomenon of students taking mobile phones with local legislation, clarifying the responsibilities and obligations of all parties, reflects the rule of law governance model.”

According to statistics, the number of smart phones owned by primary and secondary school students in China has reached nearly 70%. In the face of repeated problems with young people involved in the Internet, while emphasizing strict management, it is equally important to guide primary and secondary school students to use their mobile phones to consciously resist temptation.

In the face of the doubts of "not letting children bring mobile phones, they can avoid the influence of the Internet?" Li Guoqiang said: "It is difficult to solve the problem fundamentally. It should be clear to the children about the risks of using mobile phones to access the Internet. In particular, they cannot break through the law. The bottom line. For example, you can't use uncivilized words on WeChat friends circle, QQ, don't chat with strangers, etc. I think it is very necessary to strengthen students' rule of law education, improve their sense of rule of law and legal literacy, and enhance self-discipline. Protection ability."

Prosecutors suggest that when using mobile phones to access the Internet, you should pay attention to the protection of personal privacy information, such as home address, school, contact information, photos of life, etc., do not easily believe strangers. When you are exposed to cyberbullying or cyber threats, you should tell your teacher or parent in time to seek help and do not handle it yourself.

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