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(32 min ago) Popular and easy-to-use compression tools, support mouse drag and drop and shell extension, perfect support for zip files, built-in programs can unlock cab, ARJ, lzh, tar, GZ, uue, bz2, jar, ISO and other types of compressed files.
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(32 min ago) You don't want to use Windows 10May 2020 upgrade (20H1/Version 2004) if you do n' t want to use Cortana, except by removing the "Show Cortana button" from the right-click menu option on the taskbar.
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(32 min ago) SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft successfully sent NASA astronauts into space. The spacecraft's control panel uses a refreshing touch screen (astronauts say there are physical buttons under the screen that can be used when the touch screen fails), and astronauts' spacesuits differ significantly from traditional ones:
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(59 min ago) Come in a throng of AMD 7Nm technology, Zen2 architecture's 4000U, and 4000H's mobile processor. The manufacturers are also looking at the new generation of awesome dragon. ASUS and Lenovo can be said to be the most productive ones, with rich products, strong configuration and high price.
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(1 hr ago) Iron man's dream of Mars is a step closer. Only 18-year-old SpaceX has completed the "rite of passage". 13. At 3:22 p.m. EDT on Saturday and 3:22 a.m. Beijing time on Sunday, American commercial aviation soared to the sky.
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(2 hr ago) Samsung smartphone India's shipment of Xiaomi mobile phone , as a large population country, India's market has unlimited potential. Previously, according to the latest research of counter point research, India's smartphone market shipped 158 million units in 2019, a year-on-year growth of 7%, surpassing the United States for the first time as the world's second largest smartphone market.
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(3 hr ago) Windows 10 may 2020 update (2004 version) has been released, but Microsoft said that they are still trying to solve some outstanding problems, from the death of the blue screen to the driver compatibility issues caused by the update does not show. Microsoft has acknowledged at least ten new known issues in the May 2020 update of windows, and now it looks like another bug is in the final version.
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(3 hr ago) Huawei Hayes announced the recruitment of gifted teenagers to the world, including the global outstanding undergraduate, master, doctoral students who graduated from January 1,2017 to December 31,2021. Hayes says it will provide talented teenagers with world-class challenging topics, Daniel mentors, global vision, platforms and resources, and five times their pay.
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(4 hr ago) Apple's product divulger @ l0vetodream said on twitter today that the apple watch series ԡ 6 will use OLED screens like previous models, indicating that the company is not fully ready to use its microled display technology in consumer products.
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(4 hr ago) I don't know how high the executives gave the edge browser team's performance evaluation, which led to the team's more and more aggressive in pushing their new and improved edge browser. In their latest move, when users start another browser with start menu search, the system will provide a prompt to use edge under the search results.
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(4 hr ago) This expert: Zhang Chi, lecturer in food science and engineering at Beijing University of technology and industry, found that there is always a constant supply of chicken wings and legs in the frozen meat area. Have you ever wondered where they come from? 13. There are various explanations on the Internet, among which the most frightening one is that there is a kind of cloned chicken in the United States. It can grow six or seven legs and six or seven pairs of wings People with some common sense know it's fake.
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(4 hr ago) The price of memory is expensive recently 618. It's hard to say other products. The price of electronic products is really crazy. The price of 8K 55 inch TV with 1099 yuan doesn't say. Now the price of 8GB memory is going to make history. After the subsidy of 8GB ddr4-2666 memory, it's only 89 yuan, and the price of 16GB version is only 179 yuan.
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(4 hr ago) Huawei is the second largest customer of TSMC, contributing 14% of its revenue in 2019, and may soon surpass apple to become the first largest customer. However, the US announced a new round of policies in May to directly suppress Huawei, which also hurt TSMC. Analysts said TSMC is expected to reduce its capital expenditure by $7 billion from 2020 to 2021.
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(4 hr ago) TSMC 7 nm Huawei is TSMC's second largest customer, contributing 14% of revenue in 2019, and may soon overtake Apple as the largest customer. But the announcement of a new round of U.S. policy in May, which directly crushed Huawei, also hurt TSMC, which analysts say is expected to cut capital spending by $7 billion between 2020 and 2021.
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(5 hr ago) Iron Man's dream of Mars is a step closer, and only 18 years old SpaceX completed the "bar mitzvah ". U.S. commercial airlines are flying high at 3:22 p.m. on Saturday and 3:22 a.m. on Sunday, Beijing time.
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(5 hr ago) As the God of the industry and the father of Linux, Linus Torvalds recently revealed that he upgraded his new computer, "for the first time in 15 years, the desktop computer is no longer an Intel processor". This time, he replaced the thread Ripper 3970x of AMD 32 core 64 threads, which improved the test performance of allmodconfig by three times.
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(5 hr ago) In this year's 618 war, apple participated in the official form for the first time, and the iPhone 11 / Se and other mobile phones in tmall 618 were directly offered 20% discount. Now the Android 5g alliance is coming, so are the Android 5g phones. The first wave of price reduction will also appear on tmall 618.
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(5 hr ago) At 16:53 on May 31, Beijing time, China successfully launched gaofen-902 and hede-4 satellites into the scheduled orbit with the long march-2d launch vehicle at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, and the launch was a complete success. The high score one belt, one road, 02 star, is an optical remote sensing satellite. The resolution of the highest resolution of the earth's surface is up to nine meters. It is mainly used for land survey, city planning, land ownership, road network design, crop yield estimation, disaster prevention and mitigation, and so on.
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(6 hr ago) May 31,2020 is the 33rd "World No Tobacco Day ", the sudden outbreak of a new crown epidemic, inspired a stronger public awareness of health. Baidu search big data shows that in the last seven days ," World No Tobacco Day "search fever rose 76 percent from last year.
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(7 hr ago) Network red card holy land, future cool techs, style life style, when these elements merge together, what can you think of? Aren't S 4 shops, but can play real cars? Not Starbucks, but can taste exquisite delicious cakes and coffee? Don't wear heavy equipment, can experience AR magic special effects with mobile phone? Such a mysterious place, do you know how it exists? Needless to say, this is Huawei first flagship store opened in China this year ——Huawei the Smart Life Museum (Shenzhen Zhuoyue Center).
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(7 hr ago) Amazon is scaling back its delivery operations in a few cities, such as Chicago, closing some of its delivery points and adjusting some of its delivery routes, following massive demonstrations and riots across the United States following the death of Black George Floyd (George Floyd) in Minneapolis, United States, after being over-enforced by the police.
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(7 hr ago) AMD and NVIDIA have also been rivals for many years, but the two sides are not only fighting each other, but also occasionally cooperating. NVIDIA recently launched the DGX A100 supercomputing at a price of 1.41 million yuan (US $200000). In addition to its own 7Nm amp GPU, it also uses a dual channel epyc 64 core processor.
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(7 hr ago) As tesla's two major u.s. factories return to normal operation, analysts are also optimistic about tesla's future performance expectations, and several analysts have raised the target price of tesla shares. A new increase in Tesla's target price was Goldman Sachs analyst Mark Delaney (Mark Delaney), who maintained buy-in rating on Tesla shares, raising the target price for Tesla shares to $925 from the previous $864.
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(7 hr ago) According to foreign media reports, researcher bhavuk Jain found a serious "log in with apple" vulnerability in April, which may cause some user accounts to be taken over.
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(8 hr ago) In this year's 618 war, apple participated in the official form for the first time, and the iPhone 11 / Se and other mobile phones in tmall 618 were directly offered 20% discount. Now the Android 5g alliance is coming, so are the Android 5g phones. The first wave of price reduction will also appear on tmall 618.
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(8 hr ago) Referring to the vision that 5g technology can be implemented in the future, Ren Zhengfei, founder and President of Huawei, said in an interview with the South China Morning Post recently: the biggest use of 5g is tob, which is for commercial users. According to Ren Zhengfei, Huawei's Songshan Lake Park is built with 5g, and Saudi oil field is also built with Huawei's 5g industrial park network.
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(9 hr ago) This week, Li Jiaqi introduced the new iPhone Se in the live broadcast. Apple officially reduced the price by 200 yuan and supported 12 interest free sessions. According to the notice of Taobao / tmall, Li Jiaqi will also open a special session for Apple products in the live broadcast (23:45) tonight (May 31).
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(9 hr ago) Recently, Linus Torvalds disclosed in the Linux kernel 5.7-rc7 announcement that it had abandoned Intel and upgraded its main PC to a fast processor based on AMD threadriver 3970x.
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(10 hr ago) Several days ago, a large number of domestic users found Samsung phone crash, black screen or unlimited restart, which may be the bug. of Samsung phone calendar APP. This is not over, Samsung mobile phone today found a new problem, put on a special wallpaper will lead to system crash, many people on the trick.
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(10 hr ago) The HuaweiMate 40, which is responsible for its flagship android phone, has some anecdotes recently, according to twitter sources RODENT950. The next-generation flagship chip, named kylin 1000, was built by tsmc nm 5 technology and launched on HuaweiMate 40 series.
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